Tuesday, November 15, 2011


  1. Scissors - lots of and sharp
  2. Rotary cutter/board/templates - makes cutting so much quicker and easier
  3. Dress makers mannequin - essential, as I don't use patterns.
  4. Sewing machine - my poor machine has really had to sew some tough stuff but it is nothing special
  5. Overlocker - I have two one for black thread one for white, essential tool when sewing feed bags
  6. Pins/needles - lots of cause I always lose them
  7. Baking sheets - not the silicon ones they are to thick the ones I have are like paper. Essential tool for welding/melting plastics
  8. Iron - for melting/welding plastics
  9. Pliers/wirecutters
  10. Holepunch
  11. Glue gun - can't forget that, and lots of glue sticks. This is the easiest way to put some stuff together quickly and easily
  12. Misc tools associated with certain materials, fencing clippers, ring expander, straw cutter etc
  13. Internet - for finding inspiration and ideas
  14. Croquis and pencils - for drawing designs
  15. Design board - where it all starts to come together
This is a list of my most used and trusted tools, but it is possible to make a garment without a sewing machine. I have made several garments that had minimal or no sewing in them at all. GAIA pictured below has no sewing in it at all. It is made from silage wrap that has been heat welded at the seams, the corset is made from castaration rings and fencing rings in chainmaille. Any other joining on this gaarment has used hot glue

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