Thursday, November 24, 2011


This fabric found in feedbags, seedbags, tarpaulins,weedmatting etc has a propensity to shred by just looking at it. Even so there are some great design effects you can get using it. Firstly we will look at fringing and then I will cover some of the other things you can do with the fabric

Cut your fabric lengthwise into 6.5 inch strips

Fold in half lengthwise and of set by 1/2 inch
Lift the cutter on your overlocker a sew along the folded edge
Now the messy stuff starts - pull out the loose lengths of fabric. They will pull out easily along the sewn edge so you can fringe right to the top. A pair of fine long bladed scissors make it alot easier to grab hold of fabric.
The finished product. Great to use in alot of ways, layer it, along hemlines, make longer fringing and use for wigs, roll together and make fluffy flowers.
And what you are left with. These longer strips can be knitted and crocheted into a fabric. This fabric can be a bit stiff and scratchy, but experimentation with density and tension may find a softer way of useing it. It can also be curled with scissors like you do with ribbon for a different effect. This fabric can also be heat welded to a certain degree, it does get very stiff and scratchy. At really hot temps for an extended period will just melt it away.

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