Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  1. Judges do not examine the finish or seams of garments. Judging is visual only
  2. Garments must allow free body movement, and not injure, scratch or be a hinderance to wear
  3. Garments need to withstand use for a minimum of six changes
  4. Send photos of front and back of garments, and clear and precise dressing instructions, and a list of garment pieces
  5. Non farm based items used in construction ie: CD's, commercial fabric, commercial accessories (hats,shoes,bags) will see points deducted from your final score
  6. Buttons, zips, velcro etc are allowed without point deduction, just ensure they are not visible
  7. Ensure that it fits into a carton with maximum dimensions of length 105cm and girth of 140cm
  8. Be aware that if garment is made from natural or recycled materials it will have to be irradiated to go overseas.

Just a few important facts that you should keep in mind when designing and making garments

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